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Interesting facts about me

I smoked for most of my life and thought that I would die a smoker. I'd tried patches and gradual withdrawal with no success. One day I found and clicked on an article regarding quitting by gradual withdrawal. My eyes and mind were opened and for The First Time I felt hope that I could quit and stay quit.

I quit smoking cold turkey on January 12, 2003 and have been comfortable in my skin for most of that time. Knowing that my brain was actually healing was a huge help, as well as knowing that withdrawal and adjustment to living life without my constant drug nicotine was temporary.

Read and read and re-read. Education about nicotine addiction is the key that will help you during difficult moments.

Education is a Quitting Method. You can do it.

No nicotine today, just one day at a time.

Never take another puff!

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